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"Harewood Bottle" vase
"Harewood Bottle" vase
Cumming Collection
The Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art is the first museum in North America devoted to ceramics and ceramic research. Founded in 1984 by Toronto philanthropist George R. Gardiner and his wife Helen to house their international collection of ceramics, the Museum was built near Bloor Street on Queen's Park, on the campus of the University of Toronto's Victoria University. Situated across from the Royal Ontario Museum, the Gardiner Museum is one of Toronto's outstanding cultural destinations.

The Gardiner Museum collection contains ceramics from Europe, Asia and the Americas. This includes approximately 300 pre-Columbian artifacts, the largest and most comprehensive collection on display in Canada; 15th and 16th century Italian maiolica; 17th and 18th century English delftware; an extensive collection of 18th century European porcelain, particularly Meissen, Du Paquier and Hausmalerei (at home painters); and the Cumming Collection of 19th century Minton china.

The Gardiner Museum's website now includes pictures and text for every piece in the Museum's collections.

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